NIROI is a Non-Profit Civil Company, an organisation that aims to educate young learners, expats and people of all ages on the importance of cultural interactions and connections.


Our projects promote and embody Greek universal values which have been handed down through us through time for a reason. The word NIROI itself is a combination of the Greek words hero (ήρωας), flow (ρωή) and the Greek sea god Nereus (Νηρεύς) and by extension our inner voyager. 

NIROI designs, organises, supports and promotes Greek cultural values through:

Experiential Activities and Workshops that are fun and hands-on for a deeper learning experience. These address local communities of young learners and expats.


Intercultural Connections between Greece and worldwide cultures through collaborations with other organisational bodies and cultural experts.

Cultural Events which are implemented through thematic seminars related to the Arts, Science, local traditions, natural living, wellness, self-knowledge, mythology and history. Our programmes are designed and curated by experts in each field.


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5B Diplari St. Plateia Theatrou, Athens

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